About Raw Signal

“It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” - Clay Shirky

What do we do?

We love the news! We can't get enough of it.

The problem is, as the web explodes in size, finding the interesting news becomes frustrating.

How do you find the news that really matters?

We built Raw Signal to tame the information overload.

Raw Signal organizes the news on various topics into a simple and interesting feed of information.

Our goal is to be the starting point for your online news reading, so you can stay informed and quickly find interesting stuff to read.

How do we do it?

Raw Signal monitors the web for the latest news stories. Our artificial intelligence (AI) then read each news story and rank them based on how relevant and interesting it is to the topic.

Then our algorithm goes to find other news stories that are related, so you can see how the conversation is progressing across the web.

Finally, our editors periodically bump up or down stories to assist the AI. That feedback goes back into the training of the AI, so it can make better future decisions.

The result is a feed of highly relevant and interesting information. If the web was a newspaper, you could think of as the front page newspaper.

FAQ for Everyone

Q: How are we different from a pure aggregator?

A: A pure aggregator simply lists the recent posts from a short list of sources. That not really that smart or useful.

Raw Signal goes much further. We process stories from thousands of sources.

Then, our Artificial Intelligence ranks the stories to find only the most interesting.

Finally, our editors promote and demote the final stories to add a "human touch".

The result is a simple, highly engaging feed that saves you time and keeps you informed. Say good bye to information overload.

Q: How are we different from a search engine?

A: A search engine is good at answering questions like “What movie won Best Picture at the Emmy’s?” or “Who won the Texas Longhorn’s Football game?”

However, it has trouble answering questions like “What’s interesting in the NFL?” or “What’s happening in Politics?”

Raw Signal solves that problem. It helps inform you and answer the questions you might not even know you should be asking.

Q: How do I use the discussion button?

A: The discussion button expands stories our algorithm or editors think are related. It helps you see how the conversation is progressing across the web.

The original reason we built that, was to help us track the conversations about sports teams, but its also interesting to see what people say about celebrity gossip.

FAQ for Site Owners and Bloggers

Q: How do I get my site or blog added to Raw Signal?

A: Use our submission form to provide us the information, and we'll see what we can do.

Q: What if I want my site or blog removed from Raw Signal?

A: Don't like free traffic? Sure, send us a message Click here, and we'll take it off.